Core Questions

The byword of my campaign is THRIVE. My slogan is #RiseAndThrive.

I believe local government’s primary focus should be on answering three core questions:

1. How does what we do help ensure that people and the environment THRIVE (not just survive)?
  • We need to concern ourselves beyond the safety and survival needs of people to include the financial, physical, psychological, emotional, and sense of purpose needs. To address concerns, people must have access to resources and services.
    Note: The 2020 North Port Kindness Community Survey results showed that the number one concern of respondents to be able to thrive in the future, is peace of mind.

  • The most successful and long-term strategy for an individual or community is to emulate the way that Nature works (as a whole system whose parts work together collaboratively.)
2. Why is there so much need in our community?
  • Our belief is that the way to build a strong economy is to help build stronger people.

  • We need to consider what’s causing the level of need, and work on the underlying causes at least as much as we work on the visible effects.

  • We need to figure out how to meaningfully connect citizens to the higher purpose of building our community.
    (See Daniel Pink’s book, Drive, that studied motivation research over the past 40 years and posits that we need an upgrade to “Motivation 3.0” that moves beyond what motivated us to complete routine tasks (get basic needs met and operate in a system of rewards and punishments) and acknowledges a drive to “learn, create, and to better the world” that is “compatible with how we organize what we do, think about what we do, and how we do what we do.”)

  • I have studied the evolution of commerce in general, and how our economic system over the past 40+ years in particular has essentially disconnected its heart from policy. This disconnect continues to cause people to suffer unnecessarily and for our planet to deteriorate. A former presidential candidate said, “Our economic system needs to be updated for a new era. GDP and profitability are increasingly unrelated to how most of us are doing in real life. We need to implement a new set of measures like mental health, happiness, childhood success and quality-adjusted life expectancy that actually indicate our progress as a society and then channel resources to improving them. We don’t exist to serve the market. The market exists to serve us.”
3. How do we reflect in public policy the same depth of care and concern that we value in our close, personal relationships?
  • A shift will need to occur from “it’s all about me” to “it’s all about us”. When this shift occurs, a humanitarian bottom line will supplant an economic bottom line.

  • There are more people concerned with these things personally than not, but this concern has not been adequately applied in politics.

  • The collective is not in alignment with the individual.

  • We need not just worry just about “my” home, “my” children, and “my” well-being, but the collective — across the street, across town, across the nation, and around the world.
Jacqueline Moore Candidate for North Port City Commission District 2

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Jacqueline Moore, Candidate, North Port City Commission District Seat 2.

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