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NOTE: The North Port Sun is profiling candidates and issues for the next election cycle.

NORTH PORT — Jacqueline Moore is a former North Port city commissioner (2014-16) seeking North Port’s District 2 commission seat held by Christopher Hanks. Hanks is running for a seat on the Sarasota County Commission. Barbara Langdon and Cheryl Cook have also filed for the position. The primary election is Aug. 18, general election on Nov. 3. Moore has a 30-plus year corporate career; a successful small business focused on human potential, kindness and civility. She is also a published author.

NP Sun: Why run for city commission?

Moore: “My vision for North Port is a city in which people and the natural environment thrive. We need deep dialogue together about how to get there. In order to become such a city, I think the local government needs to ask some new questions and engage citizens of all ages in answering them in new ways. Details are laid out on my website (”

Sun: Qualifying background Moore: “My background includes international corporate experience with AT&T and as a small-business owner. Skills and knowledge areas include organization effectiveness, teamwork, change management, systems thinking and cultural competence. I view the city commissioner role as one that facilitates public policy to help ensure that people and the environment thrive. Being a former city commissioner, I can hit the ground running with knowledge of issues, local and regional boards, planning and budgeting processes, etc. Having formed strong community ties locally and regionally in that role, as well as being founder of Kindness Community, I will bring disparate opinions together to effect positive change.”

Sun: Platform goals Moore: “Unify our community: We all have to figure out together how to collaborate and devise solutions that do the most good for the most people and for our fragile natural environment.

Engage and mentor youth/ young adults in the decisionmaking and problem-solving processes of the city.

Focus on thriving health achieved by emphasizing prevention and the cultivation of health.

Natural environment: We need to become extraordinary stewards. Reducing clear-cutting and adopting policies that ensure balance are key.

Citizen engagement: As a taxpayer, homeowner and small-business person, I am in favor of keeping taxes low and commensurate with what our community clearly distinguishes as ‘needs’ vs. ‘wants.’ Better thinking, decisions, and connection will result through greater participation.”

Sun: North Port’s priorities?

Moore: “Budgeting in the ‘New Normal’ — the full effects of COVID-19 on our families and individuals, such as economic stress, are unknown. It will be important to assess the positive or negative impact of business development on household taxes.

“COVID-19 revealed the digital inequality that exists in our community. I will champion the continued development of policies designed to ensure equitable access to online service for all citizens.

“Since the city is only 33% built out, future development must be balanced with maintenance of existing infrastructure. Neighborhood infrastructure like sidewalks and street lighting need to be a priority and the built environment complementary with stewardship of the natural environment.

“Infrastructure — both new and aging infrastructure need to be considered to attract new industry and provide quality of life to residents.”

Sun: How do you campaign?

Moore: “My campaign efforts are focused on valuing and honoring my wonderful base; hosting multiple small gatherings so deep conversation can take place; relationship-building with new residents and groups; strong online presence including extremely user-friendly website (over 15,000 views in less than 2 months); participating in candidate forums; being responsive to media requests (radio and newspaper to date); being present during early voting days; and personal emails to potential voters.”

Sun: As a city commissioner, how would you be remembered in 100 years?

Moore: “She was a peacemaker who loved people and the planet and worked hard to do the most good for the most people. She was everyone’s ‘Gigi’ too.” Email:

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