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Nadia Schmaler

Nadia Schmaler

Nadia is a North Port High School graduate and is now completing her undergraduate studies in public relations and public affairs at the University of Florida (2020).

As long as she can remember, serving the public has been a core value of Nadia’s and something she loves to do. Her aspirations right now are to work with political candidates on various aspects of their campaigns and to help nonprofits have a marked impact in underserved communities.

After living in North Port for most of her life, Nadia has a vision for a more unified and cohesive city.  She believes that robust citizen engagement with diverse perspectives in local decisions is vital to a thriving community.

Nadia is supporting Jacqueline Moore’s 2020 campaign for city commissioner in North Port as Campaign Manager – Youth. She believes in the campaign’s goals to have deep conversations about North Port’s future and the need for a more holistic politics that focuses on people, planet and animals thriving, not just surviving. This includes a focus on health and wellness for all citizens, and of course, leisure, enjoyment and stewardship of North Port’s underappreciated landscape.

Alberto Gonzalez III

Alberto Gonzalez III

Alberto Gonzalez III, 21, is a senior at Florida State University. He is an aspiring law student currently double-majoring in Political Science and International Affairs, with a concentration in Sociology.

While enrolled at FSU, Alberto has held executive positions within the FSU Student Government Association/Hispanic Latinx Student Union. There, he served as Public Affairs Ambassador for the Puerto Rican Association, and Political Action Director of the Central America Association. His responsibilities included fostering interpersonal relations between PRSA/CAUSA and other organizations on campus, registering prospective new members to join his organizations, and facilitating general body meetings and events.

Alberto adores North Port and was raised there for the majority of his life. He feels North Port has given him so much, such as the ability to thrive and become the best person he can be. For that, he feels obligated to give back to his community and one way he chooses to do that is by supporting positive change initiatives including political campaigns.

Alberto believes in Jacqueline Moore’s vision of a “whole person politics” and the critical need for all of the generations to work together for the good of the North Port of the future. He is excited to be serving as Campaign Manager – Youth for her revolutionary 2020 #RiseAndThrive campaign.

Jacqueline Moore, Candidate, North Port City Commission District Seat 2.

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